Welcome to Virtual Reality Canada

VR is just starting to take off. The latest models of cellular phones can be used as screens in a virtual reality headset. Simply purchase a headset, attach your iPhone or Android to the headset and your ready to dive into a new world!

Some of the products are pretty cheezy and cheap. It doesn't get any cheaper than the cardboard cutouts! They are great for having your first taste of VR without spending much money, however they hurt your nose, light gets in, you have to hold them to your face and they are not comfortable. For a few dollars more you can get a foam lined frame that cups your eyes, comfortable strap so you don't have to hold the device and integrated headphones on some models!

So take a look around the store, find something that appeals to you and make an order. If you have any questions before or after your order, please use the contact button on the lower right!