Getting into virtual reality with your smart phone

Interested in getting into virtual reality with your smartphone? Here are some simple things you need:

1) A smart phone. It must be at least an Android version 4.1 or higher or an iPhone version 8 or higher. Older smart phones lack the power to draw 3D. Also the phone must have a gyro or it won't pick up on your head movements! If you want more info. Check out Google Cardboard website.

2) A VR headset that fits your phone. We have many of them for sale for a few dollars! Pick one that will fit the dimensions of your phone and looks cool :)

Ok! Now you have your phone and your headset, you need to install Google Cardboard. It's the software that allows you to download other VR apps and run them. You can do that from the following links.

Google Cardboard Main App for Android

Google Cardboard Main App for iPhone

Cool. Now you need some apps.

Google Cardboard Apps

Now you are off and running! Check out our Twitter feed or Facebook for more info on virtual reality.